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Perry Fisher Award

In 2000, the LMSS board decided to honor the outstanding Section member based upon outstanding contribution to the Section. That award was named after the first recipient, Dr. Perry Fisher. Dr. Fisher had a PhD in Meteorology from the University of Michigan. Perry spent the majority of his career providing Air Quality consulting to industry and government throughout the world. The majority of his career was spent with Dames & Moore as one of the founding partners in Chicago. He dedicated many years of volunteer service to the Section and the International organization leading the K-12 Teaching Program. Dr. Fisher was the Section Chair from 1986 to 1987 and served on the Board for many years. Perry provided support for numerous technical programs throughout his tenure with the Section as a volunteer member.

Past winners:
2000 Perry Fisher
2001 Paul Farber
2002 Edith Ardiente
2003 Tom Tramm
2004 Dale Kalina
2005 George Nassos
2005 Mark Roach
2006 James Harrington
2007 Eric Boyd
2008 James Powell
2009 Deb Jacobson
2010 Laura Mammoser
2011 David Ozawa
2012 David Rieser
2013 Lawrence Fieber

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