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Rothblatt 50/50 Raffle

Rothblatt Scholarship 50/50 Raffle Raises $275, PLUS a BONUS $275!!!!

Each conference and event is an opportunity to network and engage with our colleagues and reconnect with friends.  The Annual Air Conference was just that!  We had a great group of people to gather and share information and network.  We also took the opportunity to raise funds for the Rothblatt Memorial Scholarship.

Members of the scholarship committee held a 50/50 raffle to raise funds to support the annual scholarship.  After the split, we raised $275 for the scholarship.  But WAIT – our 50/50 raffle winner, Therese Dorigan, generously turned around and donated her prize money back into the scholarship fund!  This brings the total funds raised to $550!!!

Many thanks to all of you who purchased raffle tickets, and a special thank you to Therese for her generous contribution!

If you would like to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution click here.

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the Air & Waste Management – Lake Michigan States Section’s brand new Blog! Our Website Committee has made big changes and we have a brand new look! Many thanks to our Website Committee for their many hours of hard work on this project: Robin Pelsis, Deb Jacobson, Kathy Doyle, Allen Peterson, and our webmaster extraordinaire, Steve Jaquez at EZ Web USA LLC.

Our Blog Committee is excited to have the capability to bring you the latest information about new developments in air and waste regulation, compliance, and enforcement. Thanks to our Blog Committee: Deb Jacobson, David Seitz, Allen Peterson, Andrew Dorn, Anne Zwick, George Nassos, David Rieser, Kathy Doyle, and Larry Falbe.

We are always looking for volunteers who want to give back to the environmental profession within our region, so if you are interested in helping out, please contact Robin Pelsis at robin.pelsis@lmawma.org.

U.S. EPA “Adjacent” in the context of Clean Air Act Permitting

U.S. EPA is providing an opportunity for stakeholders to review and comment on draft guidance on its interpretation of “adjacent” in the context of Clean Air Act permitting. New Source Review and Title V operating permit programs apply to “stationary sources” where emissions exceed certain thresholds. To determine what comprises a single “source,” three factors must be satisfied: (1) the operations must be under common control; (2) the operations must be located on “contiguous or adjacent” properties; and (3) the operations must fall under the same major standard industrial classification (SIC) code. In this guidance, for all industries other than oil and natural gas production and processing, U.S. EPA provides an interpretation of “adjacent” that considers only physical proximity. The concept of functional interrelatedness would not be considered in making the determination of whether operations that satisfy the common control and SIC code criteria, and do not lie on contiguous property, are “adjacent.” (more…)

2015 Ozone NAAQS Attainment Challenge For Lake Michigan Basin

Reaching attainment with the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ozone has proven to be a vexing issue for areas near the shores of Lake Michigan, despite substantial reductions in precursor emissions over the past several decades and will prove to be even more difficult with the adoption of the 2015 standard. (more…)

Archived Newsletters

Welcome to the A&WMA Lake Michigan States Section Blog! We are excited to have the capability to blog, and we intend to start providing our members with useful information about environmental developments in a timely fashion. Below is a list of the A&WMA-LMSS newsletters that have been published in the past.


2018 - April Newsletter

  • EPA's New NSR Guidance On Projected Future Emissions
  • Stephen Rothblatt Scholarship

2017 - December Newsletter

  • A&WMA Air Conference Attendance Up and Ends with a Millennial Twist
  • Update On Guideline On Air Quality Models (Appendix W)

2017 - August Newsletter

  • D.C. Court of Appeals Strikes Down EPA's Stay of Key Parts of Quad Oa - the 2016 Methane NSPS Rule for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Fracking, Earthquakes, And TENORM

2017 - May Newsletter

  • EPA's Newly Adopted Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule: A Much-Needed Improvement
  • IImplications Of Per- And Polyfluorinated Alkyl (PFA) Substances In The Environment

2017 - February Newsletter

  • First Permit By Rule Regulations Coming To Illinois
  • Coal Ash Backfill: Congress Authorizes EPA To Approve State Coal Combustion Residue Programs

2016 - September Newsletter

  • CERCLA and RCRA Remediation
  • 2016 Waste Conference Recaps
  • Environmental Breakfast Recap

2016 - April Newsletter

  • EPA and Citizen Groups Target Storm Water Dischargers
  • EPA Notice And Request For Public Comment

2016 - January Newsletter

  • 2015 Air Quality Management Conference Recap
  • Regulatory Relief for Small Business in Illinois
  • OSHA Resources for Small (and not-so-small) Businesses

2015 - August Newsletter

  • April Environmental Breakfast Recap
  • A Sustainable Environment
  • Book Review

2015 - March Newsletter

  • February Environmental Breakfast
  • Farewell Good Friend And Colleague
  • The State Implementation Plan (SIP) Process And Pitfalls Revisited

2014 - November Newsletter

2014 - August Newsletter

2014 - May Newsletter

2013 - December Newsletter

2013 - September Newsletter

2013 - March Newsletter

2012 - September Newsletter

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Jan 2012 Newsletter from A&WMA Executive Director

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