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IEPA SRP Expedited Permit Program

Posted by StarChapter on Jan. 7, 2020  /  2020 Blogs     

The Illinois EPA’s Site Remediation Program (“SRP”) is a voluntary program that provides Remediation Applicants the opportunity to receive review and evaluation services, technical assistance and no further remediation determinations for site investigations and remedial action projects. After a Remediation Applicant enrolled in the Site Remediation Program submits one of the program’s four required reports (Site Investigation Report, Remediation Objectives Report, Remedial Action Plan, or Remedial Action Completion Report), the Illinois EPA is required to review the report within 60 days. If multiple reports are submitted at the same time, the Illinois EPA’s review time is extended to 90 days.

Occasionally a Remediation Applicant will request the Illinois EPA review one or more reports as soon as possible. For example, an expedited review may be requested due to a tight construction schedule or a property closing. To accommodate the request, the Illinois EPA must move the recently submitted report(s) ahead of others, which negatively impacts other Remediation Applicants who have not petitioned the Illinois EPA for an expedited review. In an attempt to address these scenarios, the Illinois EPA has developed an Agreement for Expedited SRP Review. Under this procedure the Illinois EPA will conduct its review within a shorter-than-normal review time agreed upon between the Illinois EPA and the Remediation Applicant. The shortened review time, however, will depend upon the availability of staff to conduct the review outside of normal business hours so the review does not delay other currently pending reviews.

To obtain an expedited review, a Remediation Applicant must execute an expedited review agreement and pay an expedited review fee of $15,000. The expedited review fee applies per submission (a single report or multiple reports submitted together at one time) and is in addition to any other fees incurred by the Illinois EPA (i.e., the Illinois EPA’s regular fees for its review and evaluation services). An expedited review does not guarantee approval of the report(s) reviewed; rather, the agreement’s purpose is to achieve a shorter review timeframe than may otherwise apply. If you have any questions about expedited reviews, please contact [email protected] – 217/785-2359 or Neelu Lowder at [email protected] – 217/524-4826.

Expedited Review Contract Form

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