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ACE 2020 Gateway to Innovation


June 29, 2020
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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Hyatt Regency San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Technical and political challenges often require innovative solutions. California is a global leader in environmental and energy technology and policy, making San Francisco the ideal place for scientists, practitioners, and companies from around the world to share ideas and develop solutions for current and future environmental issues. With a rich history of innovation beginning after the 1849 Gold Rush, San Francisco grew rapidly and became an important commercial and cultural center, as well as headquarters for many major corporations. The Digital Age in the 1980s sparked a new wave of innovation and rapid growth in computer manufacturing, software and internet services, all of which still thrive in the region today.

It is against this backdrop of innovation that environmental initiatives take place in the Bay Area throughout major industry, the private sector, government, and world-class universities. This environmental leadership will be the foundation of ACE 2020, embracing innovation and forward-looking vision to address the challenges posed by climate change, sustainability, and mitigation of environmental impacts while accommodating growth.